Dan Keder

I am experienced freelance software developer and system administrator. I help companies and startups scale and succeed.

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What I do

I am a freelance software developer and system administrator. I help startups with maintaining their projects and IT infrastructure.

Here are some examples of what I do:

  • Automate server deployment and configuration
  • Keep servers updated and secured
  • Find a way to scale your application and identify performance bottlenecks
  • Setup server monitoring
  • Setup periodic backups of your data
  • Develop custom scripts and programs

I'm able to create systematic solutions that work long-term with minimal maintenance. I'm always looking for ways to decrease technological debt you might have. I can implement automation of your most frequent tasks so you or your team don't waste time doing them over and over.


Here are some of the keywords I heard about:

  • Fedora, CentOS, RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu
  • systemd, SELinux, firewalld, NetworkManager
  • Containers: Docker, Docker Swarm, Rancher
  • AWS
  • Ansible
  • nginx, HAProxy, uWSGI, gunicorn
  • Python, Flask
  • PostgreSQL, PgBouncer, MySQL
  • Memcached, Redis
  • Icinga2, InfluxDB, Grafana, Sensu
  • Vim, Git, VirtualBox, shell, SSH


You can reach me using the form below or you can send me an email to dan.keder@gmail.com.

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